Many people in California struggle to find an appropriate therapist in their community—whether it be due to rural location or a lack of therapists knowledgeable in the issues(s) an individual needs to address. For this reason, Miranda offers tele-counseling to those located in the state of California or outside of the United States. Miranda utilizes a HIPAA compliant, secure and free video platform that is simple to use on any device you may have—laptop, tablet or smart phone. Tele-counseling sessions operate similarly to traditional therapy sessions with the same protections for confidentiality and concern for trust and relationship building between the client and the therapist. With the increased flexibility, clients can take advantage of continuing to see a therapist even when on vacation or when they have unique challenges to their schedule. If you are a member of an insurance that Miranda participates with, please note that generally these tele-therapy sessions are covered as an office visit would be. Contact Miranda today to discuss whether tele-therapy would be a good fit for you!