couples counseling

Relationships can be wonderful and challenging, with ebbs and flows, as they mature with time and through life’s many transitions. As a marriage and family therapist, Miranda provides relationship counseling for couples in new relationships, considering marriage, or who have been together for many years. After an initial meeting with clients, Miranda creates a plan and tailors each session to the couple’s specific needs, strengths and individual personalities. Miranda’s approach to sexual intimacy is a sex positive one that promotes trust, connection and communication between partners. Miranda can help couples to:

  •  Improve communication and address conflict
  •  Explore and understand strengths and growth areas for both individuals, and in the relationship
  •  Re-establish emotional and sexual intimacy
  •  Develop and strengthen healthy boundaries between partners
  •  Develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of self and partner
  •  Explore issues regarding finances, parenting, and in-laws
  •  Work through often avoided “hot topics”
  •  Explore blended family issues