about miranda

Miranda Bowersox is a marriage and family therapist specializing in working with adults, couples, young adults and first responders in the north county area of San Diego, California. Miranda prides herself on her ability to provide a warm, comfortable and non-judgmental space for individuals and couples to explore and resolve the challenges of relationships and life’s transitions. Miranda has previously worked in group homes, in-home outpatient services, community mental health clinics and as a mental health emergency first responder working with several law enforcement agencies across San Diego county. Her practice is built upon trust, professionalism and the belief that clients know themselves best and often simply need the right person to walk alongside them as they engage in self-discovery and problem solving.

Miranda holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of California, San Diego in Anthropology and Human Development. She then earned her Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. After returning to the San Diego area, Miranda gained valuable experience working with children, families, teens, adults and couples, as well as first responders. She recently wrapped up several years with PERT (Psychiatric Emergency Response Team), where she worked closely with first responders (e.g. fire, law enforcement, dispatchers, nurses and physicians) to aid community members (and their families) experiencing mental health emergencies. While doing this work, Miranda realized the degree to which first responders were underserved in the San Diego mental health community (and, indeed, in society at large) and decided to open a private practice with the goal of being a resource to first responders across California. She feels passionately about working with both first responders, but also their family members, who too often do not have knowledgeable resources available to assist them. In addition to working at Sage Wellness, Miranda continues to teach at Grossmont Community College in their Corrections Officer Academy. Specifically, she instructs cadets in officer wellness—a curriculum she developed in 2014, making this the only academy in the state of California to offer such instruction

Miranda’s engaging personality, direct style and empathic nature creates a safe environment where trust is built through genuine honesty and authenticity. She is passionate about helping clients to live their best lives and return to wellness. When not at Sage Wellness, Miranda enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters, as well as their two dogs and many chickens. She enjoys gardening, reading, cooking and trying new restaurants, as well as exercising. Miranda is honored that you would consider working with her.


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